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 Is this really it for Batman?

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PostSubject: Is this really it for Batman?   Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:01 pm

Is this really it for Batman?

I've waited 20+ years for this, my love affair with Bruce goes back to when I first picked up a copy of DC Comics at the age of 13. I got to see the Batman franchise grow year after year into what is it now. I got excited when Dick became Nightwing, I cried when Jason Todd was killed at the hands of the greatest comic book villain The Joker. I watched all four of the original blockbusters (even Batman and Robin, there is 2 hours of my life I won't get back).

One thing that struck me was they always got the villain right, Jack Nicolson's Joker, Jim Carrie's Riddler and even Danny Divito's Penguin was spot on, but the Batman was never quite there, Michael Keaton came close, but never quite there.

Then Jackpot, Mr Bale nails it, he is a perfect playboy millionaire, a brooding recluse and an excellent Dark Knight. The bit he nailed was Batman's flaws, that Batman was only human. I was and still excited about these films, the first film mirrors the comic "Year One" it sets the scene in Gotham and makes sure the Batman world is ready. Number two............ Joker, YES YES YES!!! By far the greatest portrayal of The Joker. Batman now becomes the legend, the knight of Gotham. This is it, Batman movies on top where they rightly should be, into number three and .............. Bane??? Bane? A C/D list villain. Not only that, there is talk of no more?

So let me get this straight, set up the story in Batman Begins, bring in the big guns like Joker and Two Face in The Dark Knight, then finally end it all with Bane..... With bit parts for Catwoman........

No Dick Grayson, no Nightwing, no interaction with Justice League, not even a sniff of Superman, no Jason Todd.

Something isn't adding up, Joker didn't die in the second film, he needs to be the thorn in Batman's side, where are the crossovers? Even Spawn has been known to fight alongside The Dark Knight.

This Batman geek really hopes this isn't it, the Batman world, sorry universe still hasn't been fully explored in films and can be if directed and produced by the right people can be up there with the Marvel films, till then The Batman movies will always be second to Tony Stark and the boys.

Come on Mr Bale, one more film?

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Is this really it for Batman?
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