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 Comic Babes We Are In Love With (Top 5)

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PostSubject: Comic Babes We Are In Love With (Top 5)   Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:32 am

Greetings fellow nerds and welcome to a feature all about some of our favourite comic book babes. Those smart, sexy, ass kicking women with perfect bodies and personalities to boot.
Yes, some people may find the idea of idolifying women to be repulsive and to those people we respectfully say please stop reading now – it’s only going to get worse.

5 - Tank Girl

Tank Girl loves big guns. She is also the owner of a couple, if you catch my drift? She also loves Tanks, explosives and strange Kangaroo men. Sounds pretty hot right (except the bit about Kangaroos)? And she is! She has a perfect body, a killer personality and likes all the things you like (beer, rock music, fighting, farting etc) which makes her an absolute keeper in the girlfriend stakes. Perhaps her only flaw is she will definitely be more of a man than you are which may lead to an inferiority complex of sorts.

Unlike the other women in this list Tank Girl also appears naked in a few of her comics (as opposed to fan art) which is something the Marvel and DC babes we all love are seriously lacking.

4 - Mystique

What’s hotter than having a sexy blue girlfriend that can morph into any one you want her to? She’s the ultimate girl and there’s no way you’d ever feel the need to stray. Hot new girl in the office? Mystique can easily become her to help satisfy your interest. Can’t stop thinking about the latest Playmate of the moth? Easily solved. Just make sure you allow her to keep her true form once in a while in case she gets pissed off and refuses to play along anymore. And let’s be honest, if she chose to stay blue it wouldn’t really matter as she’s red hot as she is.

Mystique is every nerd’s wet dream woman. Be careful though, she’s a killer in the bedroom …

3 - Harley Quinn

She’s Dr Harleen Quinzel, a former Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who fell in love with The Joker and then ended up completely bonkers herself. Quinn has never appeared in any of the Batman movies which is a real shame, especially if she could dress the way she does in the Arkham Asylum/Arkham City video games. Hubba Hubba.

As CM Punk said on a recent episode of Monday Night RAW guys dig crazy chicks – at least until she crosses the line into scary crazy and starts to kill your pets or terrorise your female friends. But sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice, right? Putting up with the crazy just to be seen out and about with a smoking hot chick. Am I right or am I right? Just keep your eyes peeled for her ex. We hear he’s a right Joker with a sick sense of humour

2 - Emma Frost

There are literally dozens of gorgeous women in the X-Men/Marvel Universe to chose from but one that stands out in particular has got to be Emma Frost, an urbane, mutant telepath also known as The White Queen.

She’s wrecked as many homes as she has peoples lives and is one of the most powerful women in comic books history, so if you’re the kind of person that likes a strong woman then Miss Frost is the woman for you. Tread carefully though, this is one deadly woman who can literally read your mind. Think she’s looking a bit fat? Look out! Thinking about Power Girl’s boobs? Big mistake!

She’s bloody gorgeous (for a drawing) but she’s also a real handful. Are you man enough to handle her?

1 - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an absolute genius creation. She was devised from an idea by William Moulton Marston, the same man who came up with the polygraph test, as an image of every mans ideal woman. According to legend, Marston cottoned onto the idea that a female hero with magic lasso and metal bracelets would appeal to every man’s fascination with bondage. He was spot on. The book was a massive hit.

Over the years Wonder Woman’s popularity has increased faster than her cup size and cemented her reputation as the queen of all comic book babes. Rumours that she’s also allegedly the only woman that would be strong enough to birth the Son of Krypton’s heir remain unsubstantiated.

So there you have it. Just a few of the comic book women we are completely smitten with. There are many more – Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Power Girl – but these are 5 of the best. Who makes it onto your list? Which comic book babe is your own personal kryptonite? Have your say below.

Comic Blogs -

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"Hey, Avengers? Where's the cake and brass band, huh? Hawkeye's Back"
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Comic Babes We Are In Love With (Top 5)
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