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 Top 20 Comic Heroes (10 - 6)

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PostSubject: Top 20 Comic Heroes (10 - 6)   Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:28 pm

10 – Flash
Simple, he wears red and runs really fast! I brilliant character, witty and funny. Like a lot of the older hero films, it did him no justice; however with the upcoming JLA movie I'm crossing my fingers for a revamp, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DC, can Bradley Cooper play him!!

9 – Spiderman
He is in the top 10 for one reason and one reason only, my mate Tom. I cant be doing with the earache i would receive if he didn't make it on the list. The character is OK, Peter Parker is OK, the films made him look a pu$$y and quite frankly i didn't get it. But at the end of the day it is Spiderman and he is very popular, so here he is at #9. Happy now Tom?

8 – Wolverine
Mr Jackman has made this hero....... Epic!!! Not a huge fan of the cartoons, but the films really bought out the Wolverine from the comics. The old Canadian Scrapper was injected into a female dominated Xmen in the late 70’s, he took on the Xmens dirty jobs, was rude, smug and had a wicked sense of humor. He balanced out the stiff Cyclops and Marvel had struck gold with this dynamic hero.

7 – Judge Dread
The Judge was my first taste of comics that my dad had stashed in an old shoe box. Bang! I was dropped into a world of misery, crime, hate, death, war...... The list goes on, i could of picked up a Superman comic and all would have been black and white, good and bad, but the world of Mega City One probably made me appreciate the dark side of places like Gotham. Judge Dread is a dark but witty comic, the film AGAIN did no justice, but the comic had such a following it didn't make a difference. Still one of my favorite Anti-Heroes.

6 – Wonder Woman
The greatest and most widely recognized Super Chick, she started in the 40’s and is still going strong. Her story is fascinating, Diana is a princess of a hidden island of Amazon women finding her new life in a mans world. Not long till her path crossed the DC greats of Superman and Batman, and becoming a member of the JLA goes without saying. I hope this is another one they revamp in time for the JLA move, and cast someone not just for the eye candy, but to do the character justice.

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Top 20 Comic Heroes (10 - 6)
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