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 Hitman: Absolution

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PostSubject: Hitman: Absolution   Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:09 am

I'm going to start by saying that if your a lover of fast paced 'run & gun" type games then this is not for you. I'm not, i find them a bit mindless - maybe something to do with my age. I much prefer stealthy games that you have to use your brain for somethimes. That said, I've always loved the Hitman series and hoped this to be just as good..... Thankfully it is! Epecially after my AC3 disappointment!

The storyline is much like a cool Tarentino film and i really enjoyed the atmosphere of the levels, but what made the game so good was the freedom. You are given objectives to carry out and it's up to you how you do it. There's more than one way to kill your targets. You can observe their movements and plan to kill them how you want using objects and the environment, plus of course agent 47's signature weapons are at hand if you just want to garrote or shoot your way around. Moving around the environment is fun too; You can take people out and use their clothes as disguise's, you can sneak your way around or blend in with the crowds and at times it plays and looks like an Uncharted game... Which is praise in itself.

Agent 47 remains a formidable assassin (plus he looks like agent K!), so if you like your games to be stealthy, cool and like to use your brain a bit, then this is a must buy.

Agent K's rating - 9/10
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Hitman: Absolution
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