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 Lost another Green Lantern

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PostSubject: Lost another Green Lantern   Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:51 am

Green Lantern lost a member of the Green Corps yesterday…… Some people loved him, some hated him, he had the power to choose good from evil, right from wrong and guide us to the light. I’m talking about Geoff Johns.

Geoff Johns? I hear you ask! Geoff has headed up the Green Lantern comics for the last nine years and is stepping down after #20 of the current run. To say he did well is a huge understatement, Geoff took over Green Lantern when Kyle Rayner was the GL, but Geoff did something not many people quite understood; he re-invented Hal Jordan. Lots of people never got Hal and comic sales were dropping, but with the revamp Geoff managed to bring GL back to its original glory. Geoff did three things that make him the greatest writer for GL:

1, Brought back Hal.

2, Created the Yellow Sinestro Corps, then added the other coloured lanterns including Red, Orange, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

3, Wrote the “Blackest Night”, an epic event in the DC world, if you haven’t read it…….. READ IT!

On a personal note, till Geoff took the helm of GL, I just thought it was about a bunch of heroes (one that was a talking squirrel) with magic rings. Geoff opened my eyes to a great concept and will be sorely missed in the DC Universe.

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Lost another Green Lantern
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