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 Iron Man 3 Review

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PostSubject: Iron Man 3 Review   Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:41 pm

Well i'm disappointed in short. Don't get me wrong, this is a great movie well worth paying to see but if your a fan boy then i think you'll be disappointed too.

It may not have helped that i read a lot of things about it before going in, connections to other Marvel films like guardians of the galaxy etc... Which were not actually in the film. Neither are any other connections / easter eggs / things for fan-boys to look out for like we've come to expect from other Marvel films that made them really good. Apart from a few connections to the first iron man film... Look out for the guy that saved Tony s life in the cave.

Even the scene at the end credits (yes there is one, but you have to wait for all of the credits to roll) is disappointing. Its worth waiting for just to see who he's talking too, but there's no link to the any of the next films.

This may be because Robert Downey Jr's contract with Marvel has come to an end but for me that's not good enough.

There's no point me telling you the plot as that's already out there. For me the film was too based on emotions with not enough comic book action, like i found with 'The Amazing Spider-man'. If your not that in to comic books then I think you'll love the film, its enjoyable from a non fan-boy point of view; its really funny in places, Ben Kingsley is hilarious. (Come on, you know the twist!) and the story line and cgi are worth the ticket fee in themselves. It is a little slow in places but the Tony Stark we all love is still there and makes up for it.

I may be wrong and might have missed a lot of things, so if you've seen it please add to this thread. I think It's one of those films that i have to watch twice so i can pick up on more now that my expectations are gone.
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Iron Man 3 Review
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