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 Tomb Raider (2013) Review

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PostSubject: Tomb Raider (2013) Review   Sat May 25, 2013 6:27 am

If your an olde school gamer like i am, then I'm guessing Lara Croft was a big part of your teenage years for more than one reason too! So, for that reason I'm guessing you've already played this game and just want to read what i thought of it... If you haven't played it yet then you need to!!!

If your a fan of Uncharted then you'll love this, it plays out a lot like those games; very linear, but action packed and beautiful (I'm talking about the game play and Island, not just Lara!)... But unlike uncharted i couldn't put this game down, it was immersing from start to finish. The combat is much better then its been before in the series. It's much easier to select your weapon and upgrade it with salvage from items collected on your island journey. The story is good, but not as interesting as playing; i kept just wanting to get in to it, but it does keep in line with the mythical story's from previous games.
I really enjoyed this game, its a great re-boot to the series but I do have a few gripes with it. Most notably with the puzzles, or lack of them. I remember spending ages tying to work out puzzles in previous games and getting that great sense of satisfaction when solving them, it made me feel clever when other people asked me how to do them! this game does have some, but they are way too easy. There's not many tombs either. You'd think the title warrants a lot of tomb raiding, but its more about the island, which is fine, but more tombs next time please! Also, there were a few times where Lara seemed to be able to jump a lot further than humanly possible but this is just a small thing.

I'm a bit gutted that I've completed it to be honest as i enjoyed it so much. I don't often go back to games to complete side missions but i am with this as its that good. There's a nice little note from the developers a the end credits saying thanks for playing, we tried our best to bring you the best game we could etc.. And they have. They've made me fall in love with Lara all over again!

Agent K's rating: 9/10
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Tomb Raider (2013) Review
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