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 Man of Steel review

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Agent K
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Avenger Agent

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PostSubject: Man of Steel review   Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:02 am

We all know that Superman is a decent character that's been let down by previous movies and if your like me then you wanted this film to redeem him.  The previous reboot was a let down so when we heard that Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan was involved in this one things were looking up and we wanted so much for it to be good. Well, IT IS!

Seriously, I'm struggling to tell you how much i enjoyed it... You know when your dying for the loo when at the cinema so you wait for a slow bit to come so you can go without missing much? I waited and waited but couldn't leave my seat. I was hooked throughout!
I really liked seeing more of Crypton at the beginning and the action sequences are incredible, not only do they have excellent CGi but they're filmed a bit like a comic book;  having quick jumps and zooms like the sections of a comic.
At times i thought the story was going too fast, but this was remedied by Clark having flashbacks which filled in the gaps keeping my interest. Also there were a few scenes that made the film feel a bit too Sci-fi but this is really only a minor thing and I'm struggling to find any real fault with it...except perhaps a dumb little line from a female about how hot superman is towards the end which there was really no need for.

The best thing about this film was what i thought was lacking in Iron Man 3... There's lots of little 'fanboy' things to look out for: A Wayne Enterprises satellite and a LexCorp oil truck to name but a few. I also liked the subtle comedy in there too.
I also spotted something else, but i'm not sure if it was just in my mind so i'd like to see it again or if any of you are going to see it please let me know if you see it to...
There was a part where superman is in a strong blast and his face skin tightens and ripples as you would expect from a bit of g-force, and as that's happening he looks a hell of a lot like a young  Christopher Reeve!!!
I hope that was intentional as that would be a nice little touch.

There's an awesome Wolverine teaser before the film too where there's the words 'Tougher than Iron' in iron man font and 'tougher than steel' in a man of steel font, getting shredded by wolverines adimantium claws!

You need to see this film!
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Captain Marvel
Starter Agent
Starter Agent

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PostSubject: Re: Man of Steel review   Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:22 am

well there's not much I can add to that agent k but I have to say its about par with avengers if not possibly a bit better, loved the scene with number of accidents when you see it you will know what I mean so its a 10 outta 10 from me enjoy peeps.
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Man of Steel review
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