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 The Wolverine review

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PostSubject: The Wolverine review   Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:53 pm

Everyone loves Wolverine, he's probably the most popular of the x-men and Hugh Jackman plays him really well. Much like R.D.J and Iron Man. The thing is if you've read my Iron Man 3 review i feel the same about this film as i did that.

The film itself is enjoyable, but slow, and I'm still wondering now what the point of it was. You should know that it takes place after X-Men Last Stand, a film in which a few important things happen to our much loved characters... Magneto loses his power and Professor X gets blown away by Phoenix just after he gives Wolverine a cheeky wink.  Then, in the end credit scene we see someone on a hospital bed being cared for by a nurse who is surprised to hear the patient talk and in shock says "Charles??"
Knowing this i went in to this film hoping for some awesome explanation and continuation on the x-men story... I didn't get one.... Until the end credit scene. A scene which made seeing this film worth while. (I'll talk about that at the end of this review in case you don't want spoilers).

I know this isn't an x-men film and its suppose to be just about wolverine, but i fear that he doesn't work in a stand alone movie. He needs more x-men around him. We catch up with him wondering the woods as a hobo avenging hunted bears (yeah really). He gets sought out by  the most powerful business man  in Japan whose life he saved during the Nagasaki atomic bombing, which is one of the best scenes of the film as it feels pretty real when the bomb goes off.
Logan then gets involved in some sort of power/inheritance conspiracy and decides to protect the granddaughter of the business man.... This is the core of the film and that's all i can say about it... Like i said I'm still wondering what the point of it was.
We do see some more Marvel characters; Silver Samurai, Viper (Madame Hydra), Mariko and Yukio, plus Jean Grey in Logan's dreams... Which i think is real and Jean is talking to him from beyond the grave using her powers. But again i don't think everything we like about wolverine comes through very much and he needs more x-men to bring him out.

I don't recommend paying to see this in the cinema, just wait for DVD as while its a good film, its too slow and confusing. As with Iron Man 3 it made me angry that comic book films don't feel like comic book films any more due to the lack of comic book action and the characters loose what makes them what they are.. Tony throws the arc reactor heart and in this wolverine looses his claws.

....however, with all that said, the post credit scene is awesome! (Spoiler alert)

We see Logan in an airport - he sees an advert on a TV for Trask Industries - metal starts floating - he realises its magneto - the crowd slow down, stop and Professor X rolls in!   Yessss!!!
An obvious lead in for X-men Days of future past.  In the comics, Trask industries created mutant hunting robots. Here's a reason for Charles and Eric to be working together and asking for Loan's help. But how is Charles alive?

Here's the theory - Charles was a twin, but his brother was left brain dead due to Charles' power... Perhaps this is who we saw in the hospital bed at the end of Last stand and Charles transferred his consciousness to him...hence the wink to Logan.
We also see that Logan still only has bone claws... How can he get the adamanium back?... A possible lead in for Apocalypse???

I'd like to hear your thoughts...
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The Wolverine review
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